The Story Behind ENTROPI

Hello, world! We are so excited to launch ENTROPI as Colorado’s new Web & Mobile Independent Agency. We worked very hard on this new brand (a few long but very worth it nights) so we thought we’d share our thought process with you on the story behind ENTROPI.

Naming The Agency

We knew that naming the agency would be the one of the biggest first steps of the branding process. We wanted something catchy and unique. We wanted to stand out and make a big bang. So we started brainstorming words that we liked and wrote them down. We did this for about a week or two – constantly writing down words that we thought stood for what we were and how we wanted to present ourselves. We wrote them down in our phones, on napkins, in notebooks, and on whiteboards. When the time came to narrow it down to a single word, we gathered all of our ideas and narrowed it down to the word that had always stood out to us – ENTROPY.

EN · TRO · PY (n.)
1. A measure of the disorder or randomness in a closed system

We decided to change the spelling of the word to add our own personal touch to it. We felt that the meaning of this word best described what we wanted to do for our clients and it stood for the design and development standard we hold ourselves to. To us, ENTROPI is what we do every day – we measure all of the potential out there in the design and development world and try to come up with the most organized and best solution for every project. Funny enough, it was the first word we had written down back in May 2013.


The Outcome

We are so pleased with how our brand came together. The name, the logo, the color scheme, all of the elements of our website, etc work perfectly together. Having a brand we’re proud of motivates us to grow and push our skills and keeps us going every day to constantly do what we love.